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Group lessons

This ensemble is dedicated to the study, rehearsal, and performance of jazz music.

The instrumentation will consist of a rhythm section (piano, vibraphone, guitar, bass, or drums) and one to four other instruments (flute, trumpet, saxophone, violin, or cello), depending on balance and ability level.

Material will be selected primarily from the jazz canon and supplemented by traditional melodies or popular classical music.

The Jazz Combo is open to players of all instruments.  The group meets once a week and performs several times through the year.

The experience level in combos varies widely, and every effort is made to match players of similar ability levels.

The goals of the Jazz Combo include:

- Developing ear training and aural skills
- Understanding the major structural elements of jazz music
- Improving time-feel through syncopation and idiomatic jazz rhythms (including swing)
- Developing the ability to improvise (in any style)
- Increasing understanding of jazz performance practices (including non-verbal communication)
- Learning to appreciate jazz music and understanding its history


​Skill Requirement: Suzuki Book 3 or equivalent ability

January 25, 2018- March 29, 2018

10 Week Course

Meet every Thursday

4:45pm - 5:30pm

Instructor: David Priest

Acellerando is an ensemble of a group of 4-6 cello students that play classical, jazz, or rock music. 

Students meet once a week with instructor.

Sheet music is provided.

Work on sight reading, working in ensemble, and performing as a group.


Day of the week is decided upon the enrollment of students.

October 31st, 2018 - January 6th, 2019

10 week session

5:00 - 5:30pm

Meet every Wednesday (no class December 26th, 2018 and January 2nd, 2019)


+ Twinkle Variations

+ Playing position and Rest Position

In the group class setting, beginning students can play along with and model the more advanced students which will inspire them to work towards a more advanced level of playing.  Meanwhile, more advanced students work on ensemble/group playing skills as well as learning how to be a “role-model” for the younger.


The goals of Suzuki Group Classes include:

  • The development of good listening skills when performing in a group setting.

  • Creating a nurturing supportive, and encouraging environment.

  • Generating a strong incentive to practice and improve without relying on competitiveness.

  • Building confidence in playing and pleasure of making music.

  • Reviewing and improving skills that have already been learned.

  • Applying new techniques to previously learned pieces.

  • Helping build ensemble skills.

  • Exploring other faces of music (historical background, theory, etc).

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pRIVATE lessons


Our flute instructor has a great passion and excitement for her work, and enjoys teaching students of all ages.  During flute lessons students will learn the aspects of breath support, posture and tone production.  The flute curriculum is built around these core ingredients and is modified based on the age, needs, level and interests of the student.  Flute instruction is provided using the Suzuki Method.  Additionally, students will have many opportunities to perform in formal recitals, more relaxed environments, and competitions. 


Our cello instructor provides one-on-one instruction that focuses on the fundamentals of technique, note reading, rhythm, musical expression, music theory and development of practice routine at home, using the Suzuki Method for beginners and a variety of string method books and traditional methods for more advanced students. 

Electric Bass Guitar

Students as early as 7 years old with varying levels of experience can learn to play the Electric Bass Guitar.  The Electric Bass Guitar will be taught using traditional method, and students can expect to focus on jazz and rock melodies. Students will learn how to hold the guitar, produce sounds, and create different rhythms. They will also learn how to read music and have the opportunity to perform. 

Double Bass

Our Contra Bass instructor provides instruction using Suzuki and Traditional methods, and teaches classical and jazz styles.  Students can begin to learn to play starting as young as 7 years old. Classes meet once a week and will learn positions, bowing and plucking techniques, as well as simple and jazz melodies. 

Violin / Viola

Our violin and viola teachers teach using a combination of traditional and Suzuki Methods.  Beginner students can expect to work on fundamental techniques, simple songs and melodies, sight reading and theory.  Students can begin as early as 3.5 years old.   

We balance musicianship and enjoyment by making sure that at each lesson you are challenged with a new technique or theoretical concept, while always including something fun. 

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons include sight reading, ear training, harmony & theory, expanding repertoire, performance skills, enhancing creativity and much more.   Our piano teachers re-affirm that learning music is a solid foundation essential for a fulfilling music education.  Teachers teach students using the Suzuki and Traditional methods. 

Guitar Lessons

Playing guitar involves much more than one's fingers and understanding music theory; it involves  the way one hold the guitar, the production of sound, and subtleties in the changing of notes. We pay close attention to the following: posture, use of the whole body, including right and left hands, tone quality, musical interpretation, reading notes, and rhythm.

We are ready to help kids and teens to develop balanced technique and reach their  full musical potential. All levels, ranging from absolute beginners to advanced, are invited to explore a variety of genres.

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