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Our Admissions



a Parent Introductory Call


observe a private lesson or group class


scheduling studio placement

Enrollment at the Barrington Music Academy and Suzuki School begins with introducing parents to Suzuki Method.

During the Info Session we’ll cover the following topics:

  • Who was Dr. Suzuki?

  • What is the Suzuki Method?

  • How does Suzuki program work?

  • How is it different from other music programs?

  • What are the practical details I need to know (e.g. tuition and scheduling)?

This information is an excellent opportunity for parents to get an introduction to the Suzuki Philosophy and ask questions.


We encourage parents to learn as much as they can about the Suzuki Method and our program before registering. The enrollment process is intended to provide prospective parents with information and answer questions so that parents can decide if the Suzuki Method is a good fit for their child.

Once a new parent has had the introductory call, we’ll schedule a private lesson observation with the student and parent. We try to arrange lesson observation  with a student of similar age to your own.  Prospective families can also observe a group class.


Observations are a cost and commitment-free chance to see firsthand both the quality of our teaching faculty and how the Suzuki Method works!  

Placement with a specific private teacher is determined based on the mutual schedules and availability of both the student and the teacher.


We will try our best to help match you to a teacher whose openings best align with your schedule. Group classes meet at a regularly scheduled time each week.


Our school year is divided into four 10-weeks long terms over the course of the year plus a Summer session starting in mid-June and ending in mid-August. Enrollment can begin at any time within a term. The tuition is prorated accordingly.  


The Summer Term is flexible, in that students are only asked to sign up for the lessons that can accommodate families’ vacation/summer travel plans. Summer lessons are also flexible in that you are not necessarily tied into the same lesson time each week.  

Our Admissions

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