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XV Tchaikovsky Competition

The Tchaikovsky Competition is classical-music competition held every four years inRussia. General Rules of the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition 1. The XV International Tchaikovsky Competition was held in in the period from 15 June to 3 July, 2015, in following cities: Moscow (piano, violin sections) and St. Petersburg (cello and voice sections). The founders of the Competition are the Government of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. 2. The Competition was held in the following sections: piano, violin, cello and voice (female and male). 3. The Competition was open to musicians of all countries of the world. The age limit of participants at the date of the Competition opening (June 15, 2015): - for instrumentalists - not younger than 16 and not older than 32 years inclusive; - for singers - not younger than 19 and not older than 32 years inclusive. Past 1st prize winners of the Competition are not entitled to take part again. 4. The Competition invited: 30 pianists, 25 violinists, 25 cellists, and 40 singers (20 female and 20 male). Contestants were selected by an expert jury designated by the Organizing Committee of the Competition, as the results of a qualifying round (check of application material and video program viewing) and preliminary hearing. Cash prizes are awarded to the top-five competitors in each discipline of piano, violin, cello, and to each of the top four competitors in the men's and women's solo vocal categories. First prize (always to be awarded) is 20,000 Euro; second, 15,000 Euro; third, 10,000 Euro; fourth, 5,000 Euro; and fifth, 3,000 Euro. An additional prize, a Grand Prix of 10,000 Euro, may be awarded to one of the gold medalists deemed outstanding by the juries. The Winners of the top three prizes: Violin: 1st Place – Not awarded 2nd Place - Yu-Chen Tseng (Taiwan) 3rd Place - Alexandra Conunova (Moldova) Haik Kazazyan (Russia) Pavel Milyukov (Russia) Cello: 1st Place - Andrei Ioniță (Romania) 2nd Place - Alexander Ramm (Russia) 3rd Place - Alexander Buzlov (Russia) Piano: 1st Place - Dmitry Masleev (Russia) 2nd Place - Lucas Geniušas (Lithuania/Russia) George Li (USA) 3rd Place - Sergei Redkin (Russia) Daniel Kharitonov (Russia)

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